We provide a variety of high quality massages that combined with Japanese Seitai technique(Japanese traditional medical therapy ) and Thai technique.Our therapists are all well-trained in Thailand and has much experiences.

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Service price

Thai Traditional massage

Thai traditional massage

Thai traditional massage is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures.


60min ¥7,500
90min ¥11,000
120min ¥14,500
150min ¥18,000
180min ¥21,500

oil massage

Oil massage

Thai oil massage smoothly approach energy spots and line by using aroma oil. This oil massage therapy is relatively more strongly and deeply approach damaged tissue of your body based on acupressure technique.


60min  ¥10,000
90min ¥15,000
120min ¥20,000
150min ¥25,000

foot massage

Foot massage

Thai style foot & leg oil massage helps with especially Lymph drainage of lower body and general fatigue and foot swelling.


30min ¥4,500
60min ¥8,000